Witch Hazel: 14 Surprising Uses For This Powerful Little Bottle

Witch Hazel: 14 Surprising Uses For This Powerful Little Bottle

7. Hemorrhoid Relief

Witch hаzel is great for easing the pain, itching, swelling, and bleeding of hemorrhoids.  In fact, it’s a common ingredient used in many commercial hemorrhoid creams.  Just mix witch hаzel with a carrier like Aloe Vera gel and apply to affected areas for fast relief.

8. Ease a Sore Throat

Due to its astringent properties, an herbal tea of witch hazel (not the store-bought kind which almost always contains isopropyl alcohol) can help to ease the discomfort of a sore throat.  Gargle with witch hazel tea to reduce swelling, dry up excess mucus, and ease pain caused by laryngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, or other throat maladies.

9. Treat Damaged Gums

A witch hаzel mouth rinse (again, don’t use witch hаzel that contains isopropyl alcohol) can help to reduce pain and swelling of irritated or infected gums.  Witch hаzel can be used stop minor bleeding of the gums and mouth.  The same treatment may also be used to soothe pain caused by emerging wisdom teeth or after oral surgery to reduce discomfort and inflammation.

10. Dry Up Swimmer’s Ear

Otitus externa – commonly known as ‘Swimmer’s Ear’ – is caused by microbial infection of the ear canal.  Use an eye dropper to insert several drops of witch hаzel into each ear to dry up pus, clear away excess oil, and break up wax and debris that may be clogging the ear canal.  Allow ears to drain then clean gently with a cotton swab or cosmetic pad.  Follow up with a natural anti-microbial like basil oil, apple cider vinegar, or tea tree oil.

11. Soothe Diaper Rash

Anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel make it an effective and safe remedy for soothing pain from diaper rash.  Regular application will also assist in healing damaged skin faster, further reducing your baby’s discomfort.

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12. Cool Down Sunburn

Mix some witch hаzel in with your Aloe Vera gel the next time you need to treat a sunburn.  The anti-inflammatory power of this incredible plant extract will aid your skin in healing while it and the Aloe help to cool the burn.  This treatment can also help to prevent skin from peeling in the days following a bad sunburn.

13. Neutralize Contact Dermatitis

Because of its drying and anti-itch power, witch hаzel can also be used to counter the effects of skin-irritating plant compounds like urushiol, the sap oil contained in poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac that causes contact dermatitis in about 85% of adults who come in contact with it.

14. Bug Bites and Stings

Just as witch hаzel can be used to ease pain and itching from poison ivy and its cousins, the same works for bug bites and stings.  Yet another reason to carry a bottle of this awesome remedy with you the next time you plan to spend a day outdoors.

How To Make Your Own Witch Hazel

Making your own witch hаzel is surprisingly easy.


  • ½ pound witch hazel bark
  • Distilled water
  • Pure grain alcohol
  • Stock pot
  • Strainer


  • Add the witch hаzel to a pot.
  • Pour enough distilled water into the pot to cover the witch hаzel.
  • Put the lid on the pot.
  • Bring the water to a boil.
  • Turn down the heat and simmer for twenty minutes.
  • Take the pot off the heat and leave it covered until completely cooled.
  • Strain.
  • Add half the amount of pure grain alcohol to the witch hаzel tea.
  • Store this mixture in a cool place for up to 2 years.

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