4 Awesome Keto Avocado Recipes for Weight Loss

4 Awesome Keto Avocado Recipes for Weight Loss

4 awesome keto avocado recipes for weight loss.

Trying to lose weight on a keto diet? 

Add these delicious keto avocado recipes to your keto diet menus.

These keto avocado recipes are perfectly fulfilling, satisfying and perfect for weight loss. 

Avocado is one of the best weight loss foods on the Ketogenic diet.

It’s creamy, rich, and full of unsaturated healthy fat. 

In every 100 grams of avocado, there are a mere 2 grams of net carbs and 15 grams of healthy fat. 

Though it’s not a zero-calorie food and it’s actually far from it, it’s super low in carbs and helps with keto weight loss.

Undoubtedly, avocado is a must-have on the list of acceptable keto foods. 

And that is even if you are eating keto a specific way. Whether you are doing vegan keto, pescatarian keto, or regular keto, avocado has a place in your keto diet. 

Aside from its nutritional values and its rich flavors, avocado brings versatility. 

Because of its creamy texture, it can work as keto spread, keto dip, and even keto dressing. In smoothies, avocados can work as a thickening agent since bananas are off-limit.

Put it all together, we have almost unlimited potential to how we do keto with avocados! 

But we wanted to find the best keto avocado recipes. 

And it wasn’t easy! 

It was hard picking just 7 recipes to name as the best and most epic avocado recipes, but these made the cut!

Here are 4 of our favorite avocado recipes that are Keto friendly.

everyday-roots-ebook 4 Awesome Keto Avocado Recipes for Weight Loss

1. Baked Avocado Egg-In-A-Hole

So simple, yet incredibly delicious!

To make the egg fit in the avocado, scoop out enough avocado to create room for the egg. Go wide instead of deep. Also if you scoop too deep, it will take egg longer to cook.

It’s a really easy avocado recipe that takes less than 25 minutes to make.

All you need is 2 avocados, 4 large eggs, and a few other kitchen staples. You got yourself a fatty, low-carb meal.

2. Stuffed Avocado Chicken Salad Recipe

If you are tired of eating the same salad day after day, this avocado chicken salad recipe is for you.

This stuffed avocado recipe combines chicken and avocados, two things everyone loves!

3. Crispy Baked Avocado Fries

Unfortunately, potato fries are off-limits on the keto diet.

But not to worry. These crispy baked avocado fries are just as delicious, if not more. They will take your taste buds to a different level.

They are a healthier and more nutritious alternative to french fries. And unlike regular French fries, avocado fries contain very little saturated fat.

This is a really super easy recipe anyone can make.

Just slice up an avocado, slather into Keto-friendly breadcrumbs, and bake until crispy. Viola, you got a healthy and delicious meal.

4. Guacamole Recipe

I make guacamole 2 to 3 times per week. It’s one of my favorite avocado recipes to make.

You can use it as a spread or dip for veggie chips.

With only a few ingredients, it’s a breeze to make too. Here’s my favorite guacamole recipe you need to try.


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