15 Surprising Uses Of Rubbing Alcohol

15 Surprising Uses Of Rubbing Alcohol

8. Removes Nail Polish

Instead of using acetone to remove polish from your nails, why not give rubbing alcohol a try? It’s far safer and free or chemicals which can ruin your nails and even the skin on your hands.

9. Hand Sanitizer

Instead of those store-bought hand sanitizers that are nothing more but a combination of chemicals, rub a bit of rubbing alcohol a few times per day to disinfect and keep them clean.

10. Emergency Deodorant

Forgot to take deodorant with you? Buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol at the pharmacy and your favorite essential oil, then add 15 drops of the oil in a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol. Dab this mixture on your underarms and voila! No body odor! Avoid using it after shaving, however, because it can irritate your skin.

11. Destroys Bedbugs

Take a spray bottle and fill it with rubbing alcohol, then spray it all over your mattress and bed. Rubbing alcohol is an effective and simple solution for bedbugs and will keep your mattress cleaner than ever.

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12. Dissolves Windshield Frost

Don’t you just hate scraping the frost off your car’s windshield in the winter? Yeah, we hate it too. But, did you know that the solution to this problem has actually been far simpler than anyone could imagine? Spray some rubbing alcohol on your windshield and the frost will quickly go away!

13. Fix Your Broken Eyeshadow

How many times have you broken your eyeshadow? Simply getting a new one isn’t that simple as all the good brands are expensive. Fortunately, rubbing alcohol can help you fix your broken eyeshadow and use it just like before.

To fix the problem, fill a spray bottle with rubbing аlcohol, then put a few drops directly in the eyeshadow. Now, even out the edges with a teaspoon and leave the eyeshadow for a few hours. There you have it – your broken eyeshadow is now fixed!

14. Cleans Your Eyeglasses Perfectly

If you want to keep your glasses spotless, spray a bit of the liquid on them and wipe with a soft cloth. No more scrapes and smudges!

15. Eliminates Fruit Flies

As soon as you notice flies around your fresh fruit, spray some rubbing аlcohol in the area. They will never bother you again!


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